Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tidy Tips

Botanical name: Layia platyglossa (Asteraceae)
Other name: Coastal Tidytips

An easy to grow annual with attractive, single golden ray-petalled blooms tipped with white and enhanced by a light fragrance.. It is native to California and is a member of spring wildflower blooms in meadows and grasslands. Its daisy-like flowers are attractive, making it a popular garden ornamental and ingredient in commercial wildflower seed mixes. The genus is named for the botanist George Tradescent Lay that visited California in the early 19th century.

How to grow
Very drought tolerant once established. Suitable for bBorders, rock gardens, mass plantings, raised beds.

Height: 4 to 10 inches tall, 5 to 10 inches spread
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Rich and well-drained
Soil depth: 1/16 inch
USDA: 6-10
Germination: 6-9 days
Germination temperature: 70F to 72F
Blooming period: March through June

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