Sunday, December 20, 2009

Siberian Wallflower

Botanical name: Cheiranthus Allionii
Other name: Heart's Ease, Yealowe Violet, Bee-flower, Chevisaunce, and Yellow Stock Gilloflowe

The Siberian Wallflower is a flower native to Europe that releases an appealing fragrance. It will act as a biennial flower when planted in colder climate areas, and as a perennial in warmer climate areas. The flowers seem to hold up real well under winter conditions without any protection (in dry areas). The sweet scent of the blossoms are reason enough to grow Wallflowers, especially in containers or along a path. The low, mounding perrenials have upright or creeping stems and narrow leaves. They give off thick clusters of fragrent, four-petaled, orange to slightly yellow flowers. Although the Siberian Wallflower is a spring bloomer, in cooler summer climates, these will bloom well into the summer.

How to grow
Siberian Wallflower prefers full to partial sun, and thrives in considerably drought tolerant. This hardy and easy to grow perennial is ideal for border accent, rock gardens, mass planting, and looks amazing planted in harmony with the lively and vibrant orange of English Wallflower.

Height in inches: 12-24"
Spread: 8-12"
Germination: 15-30 days
Soil Temp. for Germination: 65-75F
Sowing Depth: 1/16"
Blooming Season: Spring
Requirements: Likes full sun to partial shade in well drained neutral to slightly alkaline soil. Perfect for rock gardens or stone "walls". USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 9.

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