Monday, December 21, 2009

Godetia / Farewell-to-Spring

Farewell to Spring is a flowering plant native to western North America, found in coastal hills and mountains from British Columbia south to the San Francisco Bay Area. It is an annual plant growing to 1 m tall, with slender, linear leaves 2-7 cm long and 2-6 mm broad. The flowers are pink to pale purple, with four broad petals 1.5-6 cm long. The fruit is a dry capsule, which splits open when mature to release the numerous seeds.

How to grow
Farewell-to-Spring is a lovely heirloom annual that will bring vivid color and charm to your garden, windowboxes or containers. It is an ideal cut flower, and looks good in large pots.

Sun Exposure: Full sun to light shade
Origin: California
Watering Needs: Keep the soil moist, needs good drainage, prefers a sandy soil
Propagation: Seeds
Seed Depth: Press into surface
Seed Spacing: 1"
Germination: 5 - 15
Best in USDA Hardiness zones 7-10.
Thinning: When 1" tall thin to 12" apart
Flowering: 3 months from seed germination
Blooming: From summer to early fall