Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wheat Grass Sprouting Seeds (Hard Red Wheat)

Botanical name: Triticum aestivum
Other name: Hard Red Wheat

Wheatgrass grown from hard red wheat berry seeds is extremely nutritious and offers a number of health benefits. The grown wheatgrass is often used to make juice. Growing your own red wheat berry seeds at home makes the cost of this nutritional drink very affordable.

How to grow
Growing wheatgrass can be fun and enjoyable. The process is simple and the end result is nutritious as well as delicious. Soak seed for six to twelve hours. Spread seed evenly within a propagation tray and water thoroughly, but do not saturate. Cover the tray with a humidity dome or plastic until germination. After germination, the plastic can be removed and a regular light misting, as necessary, is sufficient to keep the sprouts moist. After about five days of growth, the nutrients within the seed will be expended and a low-strength, liquid hydroponic fertilizer will be necessary. Seaweed fertilizers are usually recommended when doing a soilless germination. After an additional week's growth the wheat grass can be harvested. Trays should be cleaned and sterilized prior to reuse.

You can juice the wheat grass sprouts to make a highly nutritious beverage, use the sprouts on sandwiches for a satisfying crunch, or add them to baked goods for a nutritious edge.

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