Monday, April 12, 2010

Lupine - Russell Strain Mix

Botanical Name: Lupinus polyphyllus
Other name:

One of the most decorative plants, thanks to it's tall stalks bearing large flowers in a number of brilliant colors. Very hardy, long-lived and low maintenance. The popular Russell Lupine produces a mixture of pastel shades including rose, lavender and blue flowers and blooms from April through July.

How to grow
Lupines do not require a lot of moisture and grow well in both full sun and partial shade conditions. For best results, seeds should be soaked in cold water overnight and planted in the early autumn. Keep soil moderately moist during germination, do not overwater. Cover with 1/8 inch of soil, use light, sandy or gravelly, well-drained soil. It germinate in temperature 55-70F. Days to germination in 15-70 days. Direct sowing is recommended as Lupines do not transplant well.

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lejardinanglais said...

Lupins will grow very well from seed in containers for subsequent planting in open ground thus avoiding the problems of mice eating seed(wire net round pot!) and slug destruction of young seedlings. What they will not tolerate is being moved or split once established in open ground.