Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Georgia Collard Green

Botanical name: Brassica oleracea Georgia

The 'Georgia' Collard Plant is a traditional Southern variety. Non heading, rapid growth rate. Plants get 24 - 36" tall spreading out with large wavy blue-green leaves. A favorite southern dish to quick-cook like spinach.
Georgia is both heat and cold tolerant and is also slow to bolt, so it is suited for just about any climate. A light frost will actually improve its flavor. It does well in poor soil.

How to grow
Collard seeds sprout in soil temperature of 45 degrees F. Transplants are usually planted in the spring. This can add 4 to 5 weeks to the growing season. Plant Georgia Collards seeds or collards transplants as soon as the soil reaches 45 degrees F. Space plants 1½ - 2 feet apart.

Plant Georgia Collards seeds directly in the garden by making a shallow ½ inch furrow and scattering the seeds. Remember you will be thinning plants at least 1½ feet apart. Cover seeds about ¼" deep or so and lightly water. Keep moist until germination which usually takes 6 - 12 days. Cooler weather slows germination time. 75 Days to maturity.

Nutrition info
Collards are fibrous, tough, mild-flavored greens that require long cooking. Hiding under the green chlorophyll pigment is an excellent source of beta carotene and some vitamin C and calcium.

Health benefit
the antioxidants and phytochemicals in collards may help to reduce the risk of some forms of cancer and heart disease


Garden tips said...

looks tasty

Charles Gates said...

Do you sell hot pepper seeds? I'm looking for habaneros as well as a few exotics.