Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tiny Tim Tomato

Introduced in 1945, Tiny Tim produces 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch scarlet red fruits on tree-like determinate plants. Tiny Tim is an excellent tomato for growing in containers and does well in even the smallest of pots. They look beautiful in hanging baskets and are perfect for small patios. They usually grow only 12 inches tall so no staking is needed. Let them cascade over a hanging basket and they look wonderful. Fruit is juicy and has very good sweet/tart tomato flavors.

How to grow
Sow in seed flats or plug trays.
Transplant when first true leaves develop

Maturity info
Approximately 60 days


James Mann said...

We are growing our first Tiny Tims this year. I am amazed at how small the plant is compared to the other varieties of tomatoes we planted.

I am getting excited as we are already seeing tomatoes on our Tiny Tim plants.

We only planted 4 plants but we did the same for 4 other varieties of tomatoes so we should have a lot of tomatoes. Maybe even a bit of canning this year.

Amber said...

I have never been successful at growing anything until I tried these beautiful little tomatoes. They are nearly carefree and do very well in a pot on my patio.