Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Yard long bean / Asparagus Bean - White Seeds

Tomato "Delicious" variety-
80 days - Indeterminate. This 1 plus pound regular leaf, tomato holds the world's record for largest tomato. If you want to grow a whopper of a tomato, you'll have to remove most of the fruit, so that each plant's resources go into a single fruit. Great all-purpose tomato

China Aster 'Crego Mix'(common name)

Plant family: Asteraceae

Genus: Callistephus
Species: chinesis

Cultivar: Crego Mix

200 mg packet

Plant type: Annual

Colors: Pink, Red, Blue,Wwhite

Bloom time: Mid summer - early fall

Height: 18" - 24"

Light requirements: Full sun

Soil needs: Moderately fertile, well drained, consistently moist soil with a ph of 5.1-7.5.

Care: Plant established plants 9" -12" apart. Root stimulator will encourage quicker rooting and stronger root system. Use a slow release fertilizer at planting time or begin using water-soluble fertilizer at planting time and continue to use every 3 weeks throughout the growing season. Apply 3 inches of vegetative mulch plants in summer to help retain soil moisture. Water regularly - don't over water. Dead head to keep plants neat and prevent self seeding.

Propagation: Sow indoors 6 - 8 weeks prior to last frost or direct sow into garden after last frost.Sprinkle seeds over soil mix and cover to a depth of 1/16". Thoroughly moisten soil and keep moist throughout germination. Soil should not be soggy. Transplant to garden when all danger of frost is gone.

Serrano Tampiqueno Pepper

"Open Pollinated 2 lbs/acre 75-80 days. 3,000 Scovilles. This is the most popular Serrano in Mexico . The very hot, candle flame-shaped fruit is 2 1/2”x1/2”, light green maturing to orange-red, with medium-thick walls and a unique flavor. The 2-3 feet tall plants are vigorous, ever bearing, prolific, and bear their fruit in a pendant position. Used for fresh market sales and pickling. Good for the home and market gardens.

How to grow
Pepper seed is slow to germinate. It needs moisture and warmth. Start inside in March or April and transplant into rich, well prepared garden soil when all danger of frost is past. 3 to 4 weeks after last frost and when the soil temperature is at least 65 degrees and the outside temperature is at least 70 degrees. Starting indoors is recommended. Space 15-18” apart in rows 2’ apart." Sun is critical to getting plants with an abundance of fruits. Harvest the peppers as soon as they are ripe to keep your plants producing throughout the season. Although the plants grow ideally in full sun, they do not tolerate drought conditions well so regular waterings are important. Avoid using peat pots or peat pellets for germination of peppers.

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