Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vinca Rosea (Madagascar Periwinkle)

Plant Description
It is an evergreen subshrub or herbaceous plant growing to 1 m tall. The leaves are oval to oblong, 2.5–9 cm long and 1–3.5 cm broad, glossy green, hairless, with a pale midrib and a short petiole 1–1.8 cm long; they are arranged in opposite pairs. The species has long been cultivated for herbal medicine and as an ornamental plant. As an ornamental plant, it is appreciated for its hardiness in dry and nutritionally deficient conditions

How to grow
popular in subtropical gardens where temperatures never fall below 5 °C to 7 °C, and as a warm-season bedding plant in temperate gardens. It is noted for its long flowering period, throughout the year in tropical conditions, and from spring to late autumn in warm temperate climates. Full sun and well-drained soil are preferred.

Planting Season
All year around (Flowering: Daily)

In traditional Chinese medicine, extracts from it have been used to treat numerous diseases, including diabetes, malaria and Hodgkin's disease


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