Thursday, January 22, 2009

Murraya paniculata (Orange Jessamine)

Other name: Mock Orange, Satinwood

Orange Jessamine is a small, tropical, evergreen tree or shrub growing up to 7 m tall. Its leaves are glabrous and glossy, occurring in 3-7 oddly pinnate leaflets which are elliptic to cuneate-obovate to rhombic. Flowers are terminal, corymbose, dense and fragrant. Petals are 12-18 mm long, recurved and white (or fading cream). The fruit of Murraya paniculata is fleshy, oblong-ovoid, coloured red to orange,[2] and grows up to 1 inch in length. M. paniculata is cultured as an ornamental tree or hedge because of its hardiness, wide range of soil tolerance. It is very easy to grow. It is native to South-East Asia.

How to grow
Sow the seed 1/2 inch deep directly on the well-drained and moist soil, barely cover the seed with soil. The seed will germinate about 7-10 days. Place the seedling in shade area with filtering sun. You can transplant the seedling when it reach 1 foot tall. Water regularly will promote grow and flowering upon mature. Need frost-free climate. You can move it indoor during winter.

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AdityaFarmer Dhopatkar said...

Dear Seedblogger, Namaskar.
I am from India, Maharashtra, Konkanregion (Ratnagiri). Hi!
I am interested in:
1. Knowing more about Chloroxylon sweetania or Murraya paniculata satinwood planting, including seed harvesting, preservation, varieties, preservation, germaination, etc.
2. Whether you have any information on its growth in the region I mentione I am native to;
3. Whether you sell seeds or seedlings and whether you do know anyone in my region to connect me to for this purpose;
4. Whether you also have other timber / lumber seeds / seedlings.
I may be replied to directly on the blog or in my email.
Dhanyawaad (thanks),